Big Moss Indoor Putting Green Original Series

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Big Moss Indoor Putting Green Original Series

Big Moss indoor putting greens are handcrafted in the USA by golfers, for golfers. Perfect for home golf or office golf, Big Moss is a favorite of amateurs and PGA Professionals alike due to realistic short game feedback, high-quality construction, and versatility for year-round practice. Every model rolls like fresh-cut bent grass due to built-in down grain True-Roll technology at a speed of 11 on the Stimp meter. They are completely portable and set up in minutes without tools. Additional features such as Break Snakes allow you to create unlimited contours and Hole Reducers can be used in any model for targeting a smaller hole to further build confidence in your game.
The following are some of the best putting greens available from Big Moss:

Big Moss The Original Putting Green

At very convenient and space-saving sizes of 3' x 9', 3' x 12', or 3' x 15' models, the Big Moss Original Series Indoor Putting Green is an essential addition to your rec room, garage, or any other indoor golf space! With the blend of the classic putting mat along with one golf hole at the end, combined with the natural curvature of Big Moss home golf greens, the Original Series is perfect for working on making those crucial putts inside 10 to 15 feet.

Big Moss Original Putting Green

Big Moss Michael Breed Training Putting Greens

Really dial in your putting stroke with the help of the Michael Breed Series from Big Moss Golf. Designed with Michael Breed, these putting greens help to build a repeatable & accurate putting stroke that is reliable under pressure. With two model designs, the Big Moss Focus Point and the Big Moss Birdie Path, you will be able to gain the bragging rights from your golf buddies after you make every clutch putt you have in your next round of golf. 

  • The Michael Breed Focus Point is designed to train your mind to narrow your focus down to a very small target. Regularly using this tunnel vision technique will make a regulation-sized hole appear gigantic! The integrated surface lines aid pinpoint accuracy; aimed directly to the center of a 2-inch cup. The crosshairs can be used to check for a square putter face and can be used as a stroke constraint intended to help tempo.
Big Moss Michael Breed Focus Point Putting Green
  • The Michael Breed Birdie Path Putting Green is designed with colored lines integrated right into the putting surface to aid with your putting set up, face angle, putting stroke path, tempo, & aim. You can even target the center, left edge, or right edge of the cup using colored ball path lines to practice those putts where you have a slight amount of break. With the included string, ensure your eyes are directly over the ball and further improve your putting stroke and aim.

Big Moss Michael Breed Putting Green

Big Moss TW Series Two-Way Putting Mats

Also with very convenient sizes ranging from 2' x 10' to 2' x 15', the Big Moss Two-Way Series includes the traditional indoor putting mat appearance in addition to a dynamic 2-hole set up. Not only will you dial in your putting accuracy with your personal, in-home putting mat; you will also improve your distance control for varying green speeds. The key feature of the Big Moss TW series includes a difference in green speeds depending on the direction you decide to putt the ball. With the True-Roll technology on the sphagnum moss material of these home golf greens, a slight grain is created in one direction. If you are putting in this direction, you will in effect be putting 'down grain' allowing a quicker roll to your putt (about 11.5 on the stimpmeter). On the contrary, you can also use the hole on the other side of the green to putt back against the slight grain. These putts will roll slightly slower (about 7 on the stimpmeter). The varying speeds of this green will allow you to adapt to any green speeds, much like the realistic conditions on different golf courses. Develop pinpoint distance control and accuracy and get rid of those nasty 3-putts with your own Big Moss Two-Way Series home putting greens.

Big Moss TW Series Putting Green

Big Moss Competitor Series Putting Mats

Tour Players and avid golfers alike can relate to one thing. The more confident you feel standing over a putt, the bigger the hole looks. This also works the other way too. If you have ever practiced on a half-sized golf hole and then made your way to the course, you may have found that the golf hole looks like a basket. Practicing on these smaller sized holes can be a very simple but very effective way to boost your confidence on the greens and start shooting lower scores.

With the Big Moss Competitor Series Indoor Putting Green, you get the ability to practice on varying hole sizes in order to boost the confidence that you need on the course. Competitor putting greens offer a 2'', 3'' and regulation sized cup, allowing you to rotate the difficulty of your putts. With varying sizes from a 3' x 9', 3' x 12', and a two-way version of the 3' x 12', the Big Moss Competitor Series golf mat is perfect for any sized space and will have you shooting lower scores in no time.

Big Moss Competitor Putting Green

Big Moss Augusta Series Putting Mats

The Big Moss Augusta Series Indoor Putting Green is the best-selling series of the brand, nationwide. These home putting greens consist of a simple, two-hole look along with the natural, curved appearance to the outer trim of the greens. At sizes of 4' x 10', 4' x 12', and 4' x 15'; these putting mats fit the mold of superior portability and convenient sizes. Take advantage of the versatility and  practice today with these best-selling putting greens.

Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

Big Moss Long-Putt Series

Although all of us dream of being tour players, we cannot hit our approach shots within 10 feet most of the time. In order to become a great putter, you must be able to master two aspects of a putt, accuracy, and speed. While a majority of Big Moss Putting Greens feature home putting mats that specialize in improving short-range putting skills, golfers also need to focus on speed control with lag putts. This is an essential skill if you want to eliminate 3-putts for good. With the Big Moss Long Putt Series, you can now feel confident in your ability to hit long-range putts within gimme distance, every time! The Long Putt Series offers a 6' x 30' or a 6' x 60' putting mat, allowing you to perfect just about every length putt you would ever face on the golf course. These home golf greens will have you lagging your long putts up to tap-ins and have you making more mid-range birdie putts than ever before.

Big Moss Long Putt Putting Green

Big Moss The General & Admiral Putting Greens

Both the Big Moss The General and Admiral Putting Greens contain 3 regulation sized cups scattered amongst the end of the putting turf. 

  • Big Moss The General Putting Green comes at a size of 6' x 12'
  • Big Moss The Admiral Putting Green comes at a size of 6' x 15'

Big Moss The General Putting Green

Big Moss The Natural Putting Green

At a size of 6' x 10', the Big Moss Natural Putting Green also features the ability to practice putting to many different targets. This green features a scattered hole display with 4 regulation sized cups and one 3'' smaller sized cup. With a perfect blend of other large home putting greens as well as the varying cup sizes featured within the Competitor Series, you will be making all of those clutch putts in no time. 

Big Moss The Natural Putting Green

Big Moss Super G Home Putting Green

At a larger size of 6' x 15', the Super G Putting Green is a combination of the Competitor Series and the TW Series. This green will allow you to practice to varying hole sizes as well as the versatility of having two sides.

Big Moss Super G Putting Green


Big Moss Country Club Putting Green

Coming in sizes of 6' x 10' or 6' x 12', The Big Moss Country Club is the best-seller amongst the large putting greens offered by Big Moss Golf. Due to the variety of the cup sizes featured in the Competitor Series, the versatility of the putts that can be practiced, and the portability and True-Roll Technology featured within all Big Moss Putting Greens; the Country Club is our favorite of all Big Moss putting mats.

Big Moss Country Club Putting Green

Big Moss Commander Putting and Chipping Mat

The Big Moss Commander is the best outdoor putting green offered by Big Moss Golf allowing you to transition from putting indoors to outdoors. At a convenient size of 4' x 12', the Commander is perfect for use on a patio, backyard, or any room in your home. Featuring a regulation sized cup at the end of the mat as well as a removable chipping area, this golf mat will be the perfect addition in order to help you start shooting lower scores this season.

Big Moss Commander Putting Green

Looking for even more information about Big Moss Putting Greens? Check out our Big Moss User Manual for everything there is to know!

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